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It’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd. Great creative gets to the essence of who you are, why you’re different, and why customers should care.
We help businesses stand out in a variety of ways, and one of the most crucial is through branding. A brand is a collection of experiences your customers perceive when they think of your company. Every time a customer interacts with your business through your products, services, advertisement, or even a social media post, these experiences grow. As such, a brand encompasses logos, colours, graphics, and fonts, but it also represents much more. Your brand is your company’s identity.
Graphic Design
From your homepage to your social media feeds, your business cards to your brochures — graphic design is everywhere. Good graphic design is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy, and the visuals you choose will speak volumes about your organization. You need to partner with a creative agency that doesn’t just produce designs but creates great work with a strategic purpose.
Motion Graphic / Animation
Video content is quickly becoming the preferred method of engagement for users. Video allows people to quickly and efficiently understand difficult information. Animation and motion graphics can be used for a broad range of applications including TV commercials, promotional web videos, event graphics and social media advertising. The great thing about animated video, as a format, is that it combines both visual and auditory stimuli to evoke a strong emotion and create a solid connection between a brand, a message, and the audience.
A photo can speak a thousand words, and it’s important is that those words are portraying the proper message in a comprehensive and brilliant way. Content including photography and visuals create a much higher engagement rate with users toward your brand. We can help you create engaging and dynamic photos of your product, services, or events, and also offer services to edit and enhance to create a moment that’s picture perfect.
If Photography captures a moment, Video captures everything around that moment in motion. With the increasing use of videos to create progressive visuals on websites, advertisements, and social media, it’s no wonder that engaging with your audience by the means of videos is a must. At Big Vision, we understand the trend and work with you to produce an outcome that is engaging and compelling for your brand.

Digital Signage

With the rapid growth of technology and digital content, we believe that digital signage is the future of a modern business.
Getting the right message to shoppers, visitors, or customers can be challenging. Whether you are in the Restaurant, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Transport or Retail industry, our digital signage solution offers you the most flexible platform to engage with the people that respond and walk into your business. Thus, you can promote the value of your products or services, or highlight what makes your business unique.
Digital signage content usually has a short play time, so its message has to be precise and easy to understand. Our engaging artworks will attract and entertain your customers anytime. To do so, we only use high-quality photos and graphics to design your content.
We can be easily customized a digital signage solution based upon your specific requirements and location. Your message can be easily visible over one, two or thousands of screens simultaneously. Everything from showing advertising, latest news to interactive Instagram photography walls is possible. We help you choose the best way to creatively interact with your customers.
You know your audience, we know digital signage. Let us handle every aspect of your digital signage. It is highly recommended to maintain the system network functional at any time through diagnostic and repair when required. We help you truly focus on your business and we take care of everything else. Call or email us anytime and you’ll get a quick response from one of our knowledgeable and friendly support agents.

Digital Marketing

At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Combine with creative and technical aspects, is vital to ensure an online presence for existing and new customers.
Social Marketing
Social Marketing is a part of a bigger picture of Digital Marketing. Most common advice out there is - Create a Facebook Page and it will all work out. Well, it is not that simple and Facebook is not the only source of potential clients. What has worked in Social Marketing yesterday, may not be the best practice tomorrow. Changes are instant and you have to keep up with the trend.
Email Marketing
Newsletters, Birthday emails, Constant Contact, MailChimp and integration to an existing CMS platforms. We have built countless Email Marketing messages for various industries. We have powerful tools not only to build email campaigns but also to measure their success and monitor the email database behavior. If you already have an existing email database, contact us and see how we can help to monetize it.
Digital Strategy
You have your business plan, your forecast and all the necessary information to make the right decisions to generate sales. But how do you go about Digital Strategy? Did you research your potential competitors? Did you analyze why and where do your customers leave your site? Or why they drop off just before the checkout? There is a ton of information and analysis that is included in Digital Strategy. Based on your business model we can tailor a strategy that will work for you. Mostly, the information we can get from your daily online visitors and turn it into a massive advantage. And that is all done using the right tools and expertise.
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
Organic vs Paid has been around for many years and from experience, one should not work without the other. With PPC strategy you will get new customers and increase sales, but the important part is how much it will cost you. PPC campaigns can be very costly when mismanaged, they can even cost more than you are actually making from the sale itself! At Big Vision, we customize and tune each PPC campaign as per your recommendations but we always use our magic formula to keep costs low and increase ROI.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
If you ask yourself what is an SEO, then we strongly suggest scheduling an SEO training with us immediately. On page / Off page SEO, Black Hat/ White Hat SEO has been here for so long that no business should be ignoring this acronym. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique on how to make your content visible in Google, Bing and other local search engines. It is not a competition how to make the perfect content for search engines, it is a strategy how to engage a user to read your content, get a real value from it and possibly come back for more (which will, in turn, increase your search engine rankings). We always use the best practices to make sure the compliance with algorithm changes are always met proactively.

Web & App Development

Your website is often your potential client’s first impression of your business, make it count. And we’ll be there along the way, helping you to build, manage, and maintain.
UI & UX Design
User Experience Design (UX) is the way in which visitors are able to navigate through your site. User Interface (UI) refers to the elements on your site, application, or advertisement that make the presentation visually appealing and dynamic. At Big Vision, it’s our standard to research and develop the ideal balance between beauty (UI) and functionality (UX) for an engaging, interactive site that displays your brand in an impactful way.
We also understand digital mobility requirements, building the next generation of UX by offering intuitive, compelling mobile user experience design services for small to enterprise business. Whether for desktop or mobile, we develop highly innovative designs that work seamlessly across multiple devices. We create a unique branded experience for your visitors that are not only easy to use but aesthetically inspiring – showcasing your products or services and communicating your business in such a way that increases engagement and returns a high rate of conversion.
Hosting & Domain Services
Thanks to our server locations and scalability, we can offer most of the types of hosting services. Basic packages are suitable for those who are simply looking for an online presence, simple website presentation. More complex projects can be hosted on powerful dedicated servers with unlimited options to expand. All hosting is fully managed which means we look after all the tech setup behind the curtain, so you can fully focus on your business. Additional features such as Static IP and SSL certificates are also available.
Your business is your priority and we are well aware of it. In an online world, even 5 minutes of downtime can be very costly to your brand. That is why we offer 99.9% uptime and reliability.
Support Agreement
Some clients want to keep 100% focus on what they do best - their business. That is why they have decided to leave the technical part on us. We offer ongoing support with a minimum of 8 hours billed monthly with minimum commitment of three months. This way you have a full guarantee of your systems running at full speed, being constantly monitored and up to date with the latest updates and security patches.
Third Party Support
We are not afraid to take over projects with existing issues. Quite the opposite. If you already have a live website and having issues with your current IT company, let’s talk and see how we can help. There is always something we can do better to support.

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